9 Ways To Curb Employee Absenteeism

As an employer, even though you lay the best plans, your employees will not be at work every day. At times they get unwell, get bound to fulfill some personal responsibilities or face an emergency. It is normal to miss work at times. But, it becomes a serious issue if frequent and widespread. Absenteeism can be an indication that the employees are either unhappy or are disengaged.

As an employer, it is important to figure out the signs of employee absenteeism to maintain productivity, profit, and scheduled task competition. Each day that an employee misses, affects time and money 

Ways To Manage the Absenteeism

Managing Absenteeism is like solving a tricky problem. Individual parameters can’t always be set. Some absences are genuine while others are mere excuses!

We can control employee absenteeism by following methods-

  • Provide a clear policy

            The policy should be simple and justifiable. It must show details of when the employee can take leave and how early it must be communicated to their immediate head. It should also contain information for employee support

  • Work-Life Balance

Make your workplace culture fell less like work. Your employees spend more time with professional colleagues than their family members. So the workplace should be fascinating. Having quality work atmosphere with amenities that employees enjoy will make them happier. Providing them healthy and variety of meals will also help.

  • Celebrating the little moments

Employees will feel more family like when we celebrate occasions like birthdays, anniversaries and local festivals. A simple cake cutting ceremony can light up everybody.

  • Meditation and Physical Exercises

Many companies worldwide have made meditation/physical exercise compulsory for their employees. It empowers them physically and mentally, making them mindful. Small sessions varying from 15-45 minutes can be planned out.

  • Flexible working hours

If the employees are able to swap/select their shifts at a short notice it can be of great benefit. Also, at many places employees have the flexibility to work on Sundays, Holidays to counter a leave on another day. This is an effective method to reduce absenteeism.

  • On campus Medical Assistance

Providing free or genuine medical assistance to the employees at the workplace itself can help deal with the medical issues of the employees. It will give a sense of security to the ill ones.

  • Short Leaves

Other than full day leaves, we can introduce short leaves for the employees. They can be allowed to take 2-3 hours off once or twice a month.

  • Incentives and Bonus for regular employees

           Track attendance of the employees. Offering them incentives/ bonus can reduce the rate of absenteeism. We can constitute an Employee Award Board that appoints “Employee of the month” based on regularity and quality work. This will make sure that their attendance matters and is rewarded.

  • Strict actions for non Genuine Absenteeism

Issuing Showcase Notice or warning letters to those who provide lame reasons for their absence should be issued warning letters or suspension, based on the criticality. It will serve as a lesson for the entire workforce.

With these tips, we can get a better hold over the employees and reduce the losses due to missed work. Focus more on their assistance rather than on punishments. Make your workplace a welcome destination for the employees.

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