Google Question Hub Guide: Complete Know How

Why Google question is launched?

Google keep on launching new tools and services to make its algorithm more better and serve us with better search results for any of our desired Query.Google launched Google Question hub to bridge the gap between publisher and google user.

With GQH, google user can insert his query in the box usually appearing at search results end if he doesn’t get the desired content or have no content appearing in a google search so that any publisher who is interested in that topic can create the content on it.

Its like google user demanding google to get me relevant content or resolve my query. Experts are suggesting Google Question Hub is launched with the purpose to make Google search results more reliable to google voice search in the future with local content since Voice search works more on long tail keywords. In other words, User is asking questions directly to publisher with the help of google.

How is the GQH beneficial to webmaster ?

The webmaster will get ideas to create fresh content on it and generate traffic for his blog or website. The webmaster will be having more idea of what is trending and which topic is more in demand. Content is rapidly crawled leading to better serp.

How to Join Google Question Hub?

You may Join Google Question Hub by visiting its link and getting registered for trial. Presently, Google Question Hub is in beta mode in simple words it is still in trial mode.

You will get an invitation link in email within 72 hours if eligible. After clicking the link you will get access to use google question hub.

Who is elgible for Google Question Hub?

To be eligible for GQH, there are no hardcore guidelines. Each case is reviewed manualy by GQH team. But we found webmaster having a blog with Blogger or WordPress and having Custom Domain are approved easily.

How to Select topic in Google Question Hub?

After selecting your country, Question language and Display Language. Search in search bar of question Hub check the topic .

In right-hand sidebar, the topic will be appearing. Click on See questions button beneath it.

You will see the related topic questions. You have daily quota of 100 questions . You may either answer them with article link or reject the question. The webmaster may post the link from his own website or from other websites.

Bonus Tip: Don’t forget to Do On-page SEO before posting a link from your own website.

By default,Only five question of each selected topic appears,For more question webmaster may click plus sign on right side of topic.

The webmaster may export selected topic question in CSV format too by checking topic and questions and clicking Export to CSV button on top right side.

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