Increase CPC and CTR- Perfect AdSense Guide

As all of you must be aware that Google Adsense is the best method to earn passive income online.
But, most of the bloggers fail to get earning because of lower CPC or because of CTR.

In this article, All of your doubts will be cleared related to CPC and CTR

What is Google Adsense CPC?
CPC stands for Cost Per Click. In simple words, the money we earn when website audience clicks on Adsense Ad.

What is Google Adsense CTR?
CTR stands for Cost to Click.

What are the Factors Affecting CPC?

Keyword research is the key to increase AdSense CPC. If your content is optimized for certain High CPC keywords then you are likely to have high CPC Ads on your website.

Here are few tips for Keyword Research

Always focus on Long Tail Keywords, which not only have the potential to help you get rank easily but also drives insane Organic Traffic. If you are wondering how to increase AdSense CPC with long tail keywords, We highly recommend you to try Long Tail Pro.

Always Select Keywords which are high in volume and low in competition.

Include keywords in Question and Answer form which helps in gaining audience attention.


Niche plays a great role in AdSense CPC. The niche which is high in Demand is likely to give high CPC.
Certain Niche does give very high CPC for e.g.CryptoCurrency, Fitness, Games, trekking, Technology etc.

What is Niche?

Niche is a specified topic on which the whole website is focused.

SEO Efforts
Websites having high traffic is observed to have high CPC. Making it equally important to do SEO of Content.

Adsense Unit
Now it’s much easier to have a profitable Adsense unit size with the introduction of Auto Adsense Ads.

Traffic Source
Websites having Visitors traffic from certain countries such as USA, Canada, Germany, UK, Dubai gives more CPC on Google AdSense Ad unit. visitors have high paying capacity and advertisers are likely to have leads from such visitors.

Content Quality
If your content is not interesting or non-able to engage your audience .you are likely to have high bounce rate which means people will come reads a little bit of content, don’t found it interested, returns back to search engine. One must focus on the quality of the content.

Friendly Advice, a pinch of spice can makes a great taste to Recipe.

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