How to Make Permalink Structure in Blog URL

If you have our article on On Page SEO Techniques you might be aware of the importance of having a permalink structure URL for enhancing your blog with better SEO punch irrespective of CMS whether it is WordPress or Blogger or anything else.

What is Custom Permalink

It is a technique of inserting words in page URL. Making Url Structure lucid and sweet.

Benefits of Using Permalink

Since Google has specified to keep 70 characters in URL to shows in Google SERP.
By using the permalink, you can easily reduce the length of the URL and also make it more easy to read and short to memorize.

You can add target short-tail or long-tail Keywords in URL which is thumbs up for Search engine organic traffic.

Most often people have a question about

How to change Blogspot URL?

How to permalink in Blogger?

How to Optimize WordPress URL?

Note: Blogger and Blogspot is the same website and is owned by Google.So, if your domain name is now if you open same blog is going to open.

By using Permalink, You can remove date in the post also but that is limited to certain CMS only.

With the changing scenario, blogger is also introducing new features which making blogger easy to customize the blog and cherry on top, it is very helpful in SEO leading to superb SERPs.

For Changing Blogger URL by permalink or customize blogger post URL

Follow below-mentioned steps:-
Login to
Click New post
Pen down Title and Content of your post
Click Post setting
Click Links
Click on Permalink option
Select Custom URL and add your permalink there.

1)Only following characters are acceptable in permalink structure: – /(forward slash), -(minus) , :(Semicolon), _(underscore)

2) Don’t change your permalink after publishing an article else you might lose traffic because of page not found due to google cached page of your website unless you can fix a 301 redirection and 404 error.

For WordPress,

  1. Open dashboard
  2. Click Setting on Sidebar
  3. Click Permalinks and use “Post name”

Wrap Up

Every Blogger must use permalink irrespective of manual or automatic creation. Must include keywords in Permalink and should avoid transition and slug words like because , of , while, rather etc. to keep the URL short and have more opportunity to include keywords.

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