Why I Never Use Nulled Theme for My WordPress Blog

There are hundreds of websites out there who provide free and null WordPress themes, plugins etc. Almost every premium themes from ThemeForest and many other template marketplace are available for free download. Most of the beginners use nulled theme unknowingly. Making their blog vulnerable right from the very first day.

What is the meaning of Nulled Theme?

Nulled simply means cracked or pirated. It’s like someone bought or stole the theme and later cracked and make it available to everyone for download without permission of theme author or creator.

Why Do People Use Nulled Theme?

Most of us think they can’t afford the premium theme especially new beginners and easy access to so much good looking nulled theme lure us to use them for free.

What is the risk of using Nulled Theme?

Updates There will be no updates for your theme which may get non-compatible with a new version of WordPress or PHP.best thing about paid Themes are they are compatible with the latest version of WordPress and most widely used the plugin. Moreover, if any bug is found frequent updates are floated for the theme.

Malicious Code blog may be infected with the virus. A theme may contain hidden code which may be super hidden and almost impossible to get detected by antivirus as they may even be hidden in the image itself. Most of the antivirus and anti-spyware will block users access to your website. In some cases webmaster also noticed unknown advertisement and even spam links on their website.

Statuary It’s illegal to use such theme and is almost equal to stealing

Spam Spammers use such a theme to spam from your website. And even redirect your traffic to their own website.

Google penalty Google may ban your sites for linking to those malicious sites dropped at the footer (eg. fake anti-virus sites, already blacklisted site and some malware infected sites). Google may mark your website blacklist permanently for indexing and flag it as harmful.

Security Hackers can easily penetrate such themes easily hackers already know easy vulnerability or loopholes in theme.

Ban By WebHost Most of the hosting companies simply ban the user account if they found anything suspicious or abnormal activity. Since they don’t want other website or blog to be infected as well.

Compatibility Nulled themes are generally buggy and are not compatible with most of the plugins.

Support You will never get the support for nulled theme or plugin. If you bought a theme from famous sellers like Themeforest or MyThemeShop.You will get lifetime support for the theme. You will even help you to install the theme.

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  2. Thank you so much for such a wonderful and informative post. I really wanted to learn about this topic and with this post and more from you in the series, I think my search has got a correct result.

  3. Such a wonderful post. Am learning every day. Thank you for coming up on intereseting topic about the nulled theme.
    Was searching for this but was not getting so clearly and knowledgeful information.

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