Access Cached Content, URLs, and Pages from Google

This article is helpful in accessing a particular website that is blocked for your country or accessing a page that is not available for a number of reasons like maintenance or website doesn’t exist anymore.

Access Google’s Cached version of a Page from the Chrome address bar
All you have to do is type cache: URL in Google Chrome browser’s address bar and press enter.

Replace URL with URL of the page you want to find the Cached version for e.g. for URL

type cache:

In other browsers like Firefox or Internet Explorer, to find the cached version for a specific page from the address bar, type the following

This trick is very helpful when you want to access the content of the webpage which is no more in existence but showing in google search and when you click on the link you found this page does not exist anymore.

Note: cached page was a snapshot of the page taken by Google bot when it last crawled the site, this page might have changed in the meantime when you’re viewing on your computer.

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