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Prime Buzzer is partially funded by advertisements and affiliate relationships. However, we always have and will continue to only personally recommend or endorse something if we feel that it would be of value to the readers. If we find a product or service that has helped in our blogging journey we will let you know about it. If a product or tool isn’t worth it. we will tell you as well. The purpose of endorsing products or services is for your benefit, not ours. We will tell you about great or interesting products and services that we find regardless of whether we receive any compensation from them.

This site has grown big and as of now, it has hundreds of articles published in it. It is nearly impossible to go through each article and list out the provided or mentioned affiliate links. So just to be safe and informed, you can assume that every third-party link on this site leading to any product or services is an affiliate link and if you make any purchase using any of those links We will receive some commission.

Purpose of Primebuzzer is to educate, help our readers and other bloggers about all existing possibilities they can use for better blogging experience. But to keep on continue delivering our services and experience on this blog We need to earn something out of it for sure. You can understand that this blog is our business. We think to get some credit in the form of a commission that will never be going to affect your purchasing amount for that product and services. In fact, you could get some good offers using our affiliate links.

That said, there are times when we are already talking about or recommending a product that offers a referral program. When we find this to be the case we create an affiliate relationship with that company and then receive compensation for referrals. But to reiterate, we will never endorse a product or service that we don’t believe will help the readers regardless of compensation.

<strong>Note:</strong> <em>It is not going to cost you any extra money in any way</em>

Some examples of Affiliate relationships that help fund this site are HostGator, Thesis WordPress Theme, Fiverr and Elance. Each one of the products or services that we recommend and they also have some sort of affiliate or referral program as well. These are what we love because we can help readers by pointing them to good resources and tools and help fund Primebuzzer in the process.

On the other hand when our opinions about products change we let it be known (knowing full well that it will reduce compensation). We are well aware that earning the trust of our readers is far more valuable than the commission from a few affiliate sales.

If you do not understand or agree with any of these terms & conditions, please do not order those products & services. If you have any queries, questions, suggestions regarding the affiliate links used on Primebuzzer. Please feel free to Contact Us.

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