10 Best tips for Buying a Laptop | Laptops Buying Guide in 2020

 Use this comprehensive Notebook buying guide to examine some of the key factors and specs to check when buying a new notebook computer.

Before considering to purchase a laptop ask the following questions to your self

For what purpose I need a laptop?

  • Everyday Tasks
  • Student
  • Multimedia & Creative
  • Programming
  • Travel
  • Business & Productivity
  • Gaming

Note: A graphic Designer need for a laptop is different than that of a Lawer. An Engineer has a different need than Entrepreneur.

A student’s need for a laptop is different than a nurse.

Graphic Designer or gamers needs to have more performance requirement.

Student needs more multitasking and long battery backup.

A businessman needs a long battery back up along with more portability.

From the points stated above. It can be easily judged Different people have different requirements that laptops must possess. Poor notebook selection might be frustrating and catastrophic.

Laptop Buying Guide

In this article, We have put tits and bits of Tips, Criteria, Features, and factors together with a laptop buying guide to help you out.

Deciding to buy a laptop from a large pool of choices can be a daunting task. If you are facing the same problem you have landed the right place.

Notebook Performance depends upon mainly five factors

  • Processor
  • Hard Disk
  • Ram
  • Graphics Card
  • Battery

Most laptop specifications are based on the combination of these pillars

Example: AMD Ryzen 7 Processor, 16 GB DDR4 RAM, 500 GB SSD Storage, AMD  RX Vega 56 Dedicated Graphics Card, 9 Cell battery


The processor is a computer brain, faster it is more muscle your computer gets. Better the processor faster and power-efficient laptop will work.

Golden Tip: Always buy the latest processor, They not only work faster but also consume less power leading to long battery life

Notebook Processor market is mainly dominated by two manufacturers – Intel and AMD

Both have their own series of processor depending upon Clock frequency, Cores, nM range in different price range.

AMD has A, FX, Ryzen series of laptop processors (In increasing order of processing Prowse)

Intel has Celeron, i 3,i5, i7 & i9 series (In increasing order of processing Prowse)


Screen Size

Depending upon your usage and portability requirement. One may decide of what screen size notebook he requires. .The laptops are cascaded in a different category based on display sizes, Features and comes with variety of features like Touchscreen

1) 11 to 12 inch: They are the lightest and thinnest laptops and are the best option for long battery life and reading and browsing. Suffice to say if portability is your top priority, then go for a small-sized laptop.

2) 13 to 14 inches: They are the best balance between portability and usability. Famous in Corporate for business purpose

3) 15 to 16 inches: The most popular screen size for the likers of big-screen for Watching a Movie or Graphic Designing. Usually comes with Number Pad.

4) 17 to 18 inches: These Laptops could provide you a workstation like experience and are famous in gamers, heavy Graphic Designer, and Individuals who like to use the laptop as a home theater. Being buky and Battery inefficient not preferred much.

Screen Type

In-plane Switching (IPS) display best for wider viewing angles and great looking colors without any loss in brightness even when you are moving to look at the screen that is great for movie watching with family.

Non-IPS Display is comparatively more affordable and works for most but doesn’t possess wide-angle viewing.

Refresh Rate: Refresh rate is the number of times image is changed per second on-screen and is measured in Frames Per Second (FPS) or Hertz. The standard refresh rate is 60 Hz.

High Refresh rate consumes more power but is eye candy for gamers.

Touch Screen

Touch Screen Display enables you to use your laptop as a tablet or smartphone with the help of a stylus or finger. You can do varieties of tasks like zooming, screen Scrolling, etc.

Screen Resolution

Higher resolution equals better picture quality. Laptop screens come in a wide range of Screen resolution measured in pixels

HD READY: 1366 x 768 resolution is standard on mainstream laptops. Good for Web-surfing, email, and basic computing tasks.

FULL HD:1920 x 1080 resolution allows you to watch Blu-ray movies and play video games without losing any level of detail.

Ultra HD and 4K: 3840 x 2160 pixels allows you to produce even sharper images and is ideal for watching 4k movies and graphic-intensive games.


Glossy being shiny makes colors in a laptop display vivid and poping but is highly reflective. Matte, on the other hand, comes with the anti-reflective coating but comes with a premium price.


Bezels are the margin between the screen and the body outer edge. Bezel-less or narrow bezel allows laptop makers to give a bigger screen without increasing the size of the body.

 Tip: Higher refresh rate panels (120 Hz, 144 Hz, etc.) look great but consume much more power and are costlier than low refresh rate panels.


Storage where the data stays. Hard drives boil down to two simple factors: size and speed. Hard drives come in two types

  • Traditional alias Mechanical Hard disk
  • Solid State Drives.
  • Hybrid Hard Disk

Traditional hard disks are low cost and bulky. On a laptop, solid-state drives are also lighter and more durable, since they have no moving parts. Hybrid, on the Other hand, is a combination of MHD and SDD.

Mechanical Hard Disk comes with different rpm namely 5400,7200 rpm, Later being faster

Ports and Connectivity

Often missed out on this part, Ports, and connectivity options available on your notebook are somewhat that defines what all peripherals like pen drive, printer, headphones , Projector, you can connect simultaneously in their absence your device may feel incomplete.

Few Essential Ports Nowadays


Usb ports are required to connect usb compatibal devices eg. mobile hpones, pen drive, Extrnal hard disk, etc. They are of two types

Type A
Type C

Type C is faster and smaller in size and can be used to connect Docks and universal Chargers.

USB 3.1 is the latest one is faster than its later 3.0 , Usb 2.0 being old one is slow but most devises are compatible with them due to its proven record.


This port you can connect LED TV or projector with the help of HDMI cable.


This is a old generation of port used to connect Tvs, Projectors and Monitors


Thunderbot is combination of type C connector and Display port and allow charging ,Connection with display or peripherals , with a single port.

Info: all modern devices are getting wireless connectivity features in today’s era, Be it printer, external hard disk, Television. Don’t be rigid upon them.
Pro Tip: Pay Special Attention to ports and heat vents location and direction.

Some laptops require external adaptors for adding more options of ports and connectivity options like Bluetooth, Wifi Connectivity.


 The cheapest and best way to get a quick performance boost in any computer is to beef up its system Random Access Memory. Ram does come in different frequencies and different generations namely DDR2, DDR3, DDR4, and frequencies 2133 MHz, 2400 MHz, 4200 MHz, etc.

  • Casual users need about 4-8 GB.
  • Heavy gamers use 8-16 GB
  • Data Analytics uses 12 GB+ Ram

Keyboard and Trackpad

 The keyboard with the curved key design is better for typing compared to flat-top chiclet-keys, because of the better ergonomics. The keyboard does come with a variety of features like travel distance, type backlight, number pad, etc. We recommend trying typing on the company store before making a mind.

Number pad

Users with high typing work like content writers, Bloggers, Data Analyst prefers a keyboard with a separate number pad.


the trackpad is a substitute for a mouse in a laptop. Choose a trackpad with a textured finish and wide enough for your fingers,


The laptop being portable requires a battery as running blood in the body. A poor battery will have an adverse effect on your work as the system may turn off amid work creating frustration and inconvenience to connect to charger multiple times. But thanks to energy-efficient processors this problem is slowly eradicating in new generations of processors.

Laptop Battery Capacity can be calculated by Watt hr reading often known as Whr and no. of cells.

Higher no. of cells may increase the laptop weight along with increasing the battery capacity.

Although the number of cells in a battery and measurements in milliamp-hours (mAh) can help you determine how much juice a battery can actually store, neither really gives an insight into what you really want to know, which is how long they’ll actually last in your laptop. 

Pro Tip: Gaming laptops are designed for performance and not that efficient in the chamber of battery life. On the contrary, ultrabook being light and meant for travel are highly efficient and battery backup for long hours.


Laptops aren’t typically the first choice of gamers, but if you plan to do any gaming you definitely need good graphics power.

A graphics processing unit (GPU) is a single-chip processor primarily used to manage and boost the performance of video and graphics. If you like to game or do heavy multimedia and creative tasks, pay attention to what GPU is in your laptop

Integrated Graphics Card

 An integrated GPU utilizes the system’s memory and doesn’t use its own RAM.

Discrete or Dedicated Graphics Card

Dedicated Graphic Card Consumes more power

Dedicated GPU has its own independent source of video memory, leaving the RAM your system uses untouched.AMD and Nvidia are the famous players in this space.

If battery life is a concern, consider a notebook with switchable graphics. This will let you run at full bore on a discrete card when you’re out for blood, then switch back to a more efficient integrated graphics card when you’re just surfing or piddling around, and want to preserve battery life.


Decide your budget before narrowing to the laptop search. Though, there are options of Finance( Loan) and Monthly Installment (EMI). It is always a good idea to decide how much you can afford.


Laptops are compact enough to carry with you, yet versatile enough to run demanding applications. Weight can be a dragging factor for portability.No one wants a bunch of weight to carry on the shoulder when they can get the task completed by a lighter alternative.

Operating System

Type of Operating system will decide what kind of applications you will be able to run. There are different operating systems available in market Free and Paid.peronsal or professional, Hardware bound, etc. Most popular being Windows and Mac.


Most users prefer Windows over any other operating system because of its user interference and mass adopting and range of application software availability. Windows is a more flexible OS and gamers should consider it because of the large numbers of game availability. Windows comes in different versions ( Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10) and edition ( Student, Professional,Home )


It comes in different ranges with different capabilities. Even Being free and Open-source is not much famous among business users. Fedora, Kali Linux distribution being a famous one.


Disk Operating System doesn’t come with any Popular Operating System and are affordable to buy.


Comes preloaded with Apple computers or MacBook

Check your application compatibility before configuring the operating system to 32 bits or 64 bits.


The brand is somewhat your personal preference. We recommend using brands that have been tested and trusted. Famous Laptop Brands being Apple, Dell, Hp, Lenovo, Microsoft, Asus, MSI, Acer.

Built Quality

Laptops come with different Form Factors ranging from Aluminium, Carbon Fiber, Plastic. These form factors not only enhance the appearance of a device but also durability for your device. The chassis on a laptop makes all the difference in usability

After-Sales Service:

Always Enquire about the availability of the brand’s service center in your area before purchasing a notebook.

Final Verdict

Buying an ideal laptop is somewhat impossible. A laptop fulfilling check on each factor of your desired checklist is a very tedious task. buying the laptop which is close to our ideal one in all aspects to count on your valuable time.

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