Covid19: Life in the slow lane After Lockdown?

Battle of Life with Corona Virus

Life will not be the same Post-Corona virus Lockdown. Corona Virus has changed the mindset of people.

The world has survived all pandemics of the past.  But, this time it’s different

Life Change during Lockdown and post Corona Virus

The reliability of the Most prestigious organization World Health Organization (WHO) is Questioned by Society including America.

China and America Economic War have reached a different level and the whole world is suffering.

Medical science today is at its apex and it gives confidence that the Covid-19 pandemic caused by SARS-CoV-2 will be over soon. 

Though there are some limitations in Daily routine life due to Covid19 Lockdowns, on the other side of the coin there are some benefits too.

People started to live frugally and realizing the importance of health. Gym Going public learned to workout without equipment too. Junk Food Non-Availability made a habit of taking fresh and homemade food.

House Wifes started trying New Dishes, perhaps may lead to a huge queue of master chef after covid19 :).

Man started realising the efforts made by wife for upkeeping of child and house, how occupied she is in everyday life,

Guidelines for Work from an Office(WFO)

Governments of Different nations are giving economy recovery guidelines to resume the work during and post lockdown in a systematic and control manner with a gradually increasing pace. Companies are also taking self-initiative to curb the widespread of Corona.

  • Limiting external visitors inside the office premises on urgency basis If necessary, then it will only be allowed in specially designated rooms with diagonal seating.
  • IT companies moving to Work From Home (WFH) as far as possible with the relaxation of government rules for Virtual Private Network (VPN).
  • Marking on the floor to facilitate social distancing
  • Demarcated spaces in toilets and office seating
  • Arranging for alternate diagonal seating in cafeteria and Canteen
  • Restricting the entry of vehicle to a distance
  • Temperature Screening at Employee’s entry
  • No dining in Restaurants (Only Home Delivery)

Change in Life after Covid19 Lockdown

Carrying First-aid box all the time that contains a soap bar, a pair of face masks, a pair of hand gloves, a vile of sanitizer will become a norm.

Mask will become an essential part of the dress code. Social Distancing will be practiced by a large number of people at public places

People will shift from using Taxi aggregator services like Uber, Ola to their own personal vehicles. This might be good for the crippled auto sector but may raise air pollution levels by several points.

Businesses are set to redefine norms at offices keeping below-mentioned points in mind

  • Social distancing
  • Shift Based Work
  • Adapt Virtual Meeting, Webinar and Video Conference
  • Frequent sanitization
  • Provision of hand sanitizer
  • Reintroduction of RFID access cards in place of biometric.

The demand for deep cleaners and disinfectant experts will Boom exponentially. Work from Home (WFH) will be part of the business and will be well appreciated even in Asian Countries Like India. People will prefer Utensils cleaned by Dish Washer instead of hand cleaning.

2 thoughts on “Covid19: Life in the slow lane After Lockdown?”

  1. viện thẩm mỹ korea

    Well covered I think due to these lockdowns even people are becoming more fat due to television and Processed food
    and people are becoming more stressed

    1. Agree People are becoming stressed at personal level Due to this
      number of industries are booming even during lockdown time

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