How to Optimize your Content for Voice Search

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With the introduction of Voice search feature in phone with an assistant like Siri in apple OK Google in Android and Alexa in Amazon Echo

Voice Search Has attained momentum and is getting famous day by day.

How does Voice Search work in Search Engine?

The algorithm behind the Search engine collects the search term with its voice recognization and searches the relevant content in its database and displays it on your screen.

How to Create a Voice Search Engine Optimization Strategy

  1. PageSpeed
  2. Create Content in the form of Questions and Answer
  3. Focus on Longtail Keywords and converting phrases
  4. Aim for Featured Snippet
  5. Local Citations

Who can take advantage of Voice search?

With the recent survey by Search engine Land, Most of people use voice search for getting local directions or search for nearby cafe or shop e.g. coffee shops near me or use for entertainment purpose e.g. playing favorite songs.

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