How to Create Website HTML Skype Phone Contact Button Link Code

With the takeover of Skype with Microsoft, Skype has become an integral part of Windows.
Today, We will give a Glimpse on SKype HTML Code (Call Me) for adding in your Busines website or
A blog to launch Skype calls from your web browser or email Client.
Whether your Client is Browsing on a desktop or a phone, they will be able to contact you

directly through a voice call or an instant message.
We will be using the following assumptions and terms in these tutorials

1. Your Skype User name is MorningCoffee

2. Your Skype Phone Number is +91 – 986543210
where +91 is a country ISD Code.

Skype HTML Syntax for Website

Skype Call Me Link with Phone number

To create an HTML Hyperlink that starts a Skype call to mobile number use the following example
Call Me

other Syntax you may use which is more universal
<a href=”tel://+919876543210″>Call Me</a>
<a href=”callto://+919876543210″>Call Me</a>

Instead of using the plain text “Call Me” you may decorate the button to make it more of
an eye-candy with an image or an icon.

Wrapping Up and Advice

Skype itself offers to help you to generate a button that shows your Current Status.
Your Client must have been installed Skype in their OS and must be logged In their devices / Machine.

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