Quora Secret trick – find high traffic, low competition niche questions Method

Quora, American Question Answer Website is a Traffic Reach Treasure and a Perfect Source of Creating Backlink. Since All Question Answers are User Generated with a bit of moderation all backlinks are indexed rapidly giving Google a positive Signal and Help you to generate the Audience and userbase for your site.

Click-Through Rate is one of the major factors for ranking and having FAQ Schema is a boon for it. Finding Questions for Schema as well Generating backlink is as easy as A, B, C for a College Student.

Google Footprint aka Google Hack famous with other names like Google Dorks, Google Advance Search Operator gives Researcher an edge over others.

This article will outline trick to Find Low Competition, High Volume Question for your Niche.

If you don’t have expensive SEO tools like Ahref, there’s a simpler way to find Quora questions related to your niche.

Google Dork for Quora

Google Footprint for Quora with least Answer

site:quora.com keyword “1 answer” “view 1 upvoter” “k views”

Change keyword with your Specified keyword. You may try different Permutation Combinations for better results.

Google Footprint For Quora with Date

To further refine it you may use current year or previous year question only

Use Google Dork Syntax for Quora with the year range

You must provide year-month-day dates or only a year. You can combine both.

use after or before in square bracket followed by semicolon and year

site:quora.com keyword “1 answer” “view 1 upvoter” “k views” [after:2019]

You may notice, if you provide only a year, before: & after: translates those into full dates that work eg. after:2019 as 2019-12-31

For some reasons , Google uses Julien Calendar and doesn’t consider decimal part to refine the search result within date bracket you may use daterange:2458910-2458924

Google dropped Google search Results sorting in Mobile version but added before: and after: search commands

Final Verdict

Google advanced search operators are Incredibly powerful but only advance users are using them to their advantage. Indeed, these Search operators are working in other search engines like Bing too.

This Trick will help you to Achieve the following Goals

  • Traffic – Drive Laser Targeted relevant referral traffic from Quora
  • Backlinks – Build relevant backlinks from Quora
  • Ideas – Get popular content ideas for posts you can easily rank

Feel free to Ask Questions or Comments.

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  1. Well Explained . You absolutely nailed in a Single Shot . Never expected anyone can use google dorks for their Answer building and fan following too in Quora.

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