5 Easy SEO Tips: Experts are Hiding from you

Why more than 90% of bloggers end up quitting blogging careers within the first year reason is none other than they are not able to get their content ranked either due to poor SEO optimized websites or poor quality content ultimately leading to less or nil traffic.

In this article, We will discuss reasons, Tips and Bloggers Guidelines alias Blueprints to gain success and the latest insights of SEO and Blogging

After evaluating multiple SEO Case studies on successful and failed blogs we have outlined SEO general insights and SEO thumbs Rule.

SEO General Thumbs Rule

Search Engine Working: Most Search Engine ranks websites according to their algorithm which works on certain criteria and signals. These complex algorithms are never revealed by any search engine but experts keep on testing and estimating what is working and what is not.

Indeed, You need to be regularly updated in SEO for being in a game. Things that may be working today might not work tomorrow.

There is nothing as SEO Trick in world. The Only thing is compliance with a search engine as per the latest SEO trend according to Search Engine Update for eg. Google Panda Update.
SEO Ranking Factor

Most Critical factors we found in our SEO were

  • Click-Through Rate
  • Dwell Time
  • Content
  • Permalink and Domain Name
  • User Experience

rest are supporting things that we will discuss later in this article.

Pro Tip: Do not try to trick the search engines by using Black hat SEO Tricks. Search Engines are way smarter these days.
Golden Tip: Write Content keeping the user in mind and search indent, not for search engines only.

Thumb rule for Better CTR and Engagement

1. Headline

A headline is the first thing user reads, If it’s not attractive enough to gain user attention, Searcher will not click your site even if it gets better Search engine ranking Position (SERPs) signaling Search engine to downgrade the ranking of a website leading to poor ranking or no ranking ultimately traffic lose.

SEO Tip: Use number, power Words in the headline as far as possible.

2. Meta Description

The second thing user read is meta description in the search engine page before landing on your site. Again, the Description should powerful enough to raise a curiosity in the user’s mind to read further.

Mistake: Never give the conclusion of the article in the meta description

3. Structured Content

With recent advancements in search engine algorithms, Various Search engines like Bing, Google collectively made a project of Structured content famous with the name Schema which will help them in understanding the content of the website. Some of the most popular Semantic are

  • FAQs Schema
  • Recipe Schema
  • Product Schema
Golden Tips: schema which is nothing less than a gold mine for ranking.

4. Engagment

One must keep the audience engaged by using images, videos, infographics, podcasts, and encourage them to comment by asking them questions or their opinion on the subject.

Page Speed: Expert claims page speed doesn’t help in getting better SERPs.But in our experiments page speed does play a great role in ranking especially in mobile SERPs.

Better remove bloatware from your theme and shift to lightweight Semantic friendly themes.

How to Get Traffic to New Blog Post

1. Social Media Website

If the blog is newly launched, sharing the post on Social Media sites is the easiest way to gain traffic. If the blog post is shared on relevant groups on social media sites. people open the link out of curiosity giving a signal to search engine something new is in the market , and when the same page is shared by multiple people from different locations accounts on different platforms signals search engine content is very good, Site ranking should get a boost.

The trick is to get a laser-cut relevant audience for the post. There is no point in sharing a gardening post on the HVAC social Group.
Mistake: Do not share Site links in irrelevant Groups.

2. Guest Post

Outreach for the guest post opportunity in your niche with better domain authority and traffic is a great opportunity to gain eyeballs attention to your web presence which signals the Search engine for positive note.

3. Search Engine Optimization

Most difficult to do a thing for a newbie to do SEO for the post. Practical Advice, Learn to do On-Page SEO to beat most of your competition heat.

4. Advertisement

There are a number of platforms to start the campaign. If you are hoping to earn from your blog then take a blog as a business. There is no shame in investing money on the blog for promotion. Bloggers may try different platforms for advertisement. Most popular being Google Adwords followed by

  • Facebook Ads
  • Bing Ads
  • Twitter Ads
  • Pinterest Ads
  • Tiktok Ads
  • Quora Ads.
Secret SEO Sauce: Pay per Click (advertisement) is the easiest to increase Click Through Rate which ultimately gives an up hand in Serps.

Personality Trait of Fail Bloggers

1) Mindset

Don’t train for skills, Train for Mindset because the mindset is everything.


Fixed Mindset : Begineer blogger comes with a fixed mindset and predefined system in their mind, if I follow these tasks, I will be super successful and money will start showering from all directions.

Many bloggers fail after using premium tools like Semrush, Ahref, premium themes, and plugin (WP rocket).

A most common question they ask

How can I make a lot of money from blogging if I have that much traffic?

and common excuse for their failure is

I don’t have money to invest but I want to earn money from a blog

On the other context, Successful Growth Mindset Blogger common thought is

I want to learn to blog and right now I don’t have money to invest but have time to invest so tell me some good blogs, youtube channels from there I could start to learn to blog and start my blog properly. I want to learn to blog and right now I don’t have money to invest but have time to invest so tell me some good blogs, youtube channels from there I could start to learn to blog and start my blog properly.

You Can’t Have a Positive life and a negative Mind

Famous Quote

How I can add value to my reader’s life through my content

2) Investment

A large pool of Novice bloggers often complains they don’t have money to invest and will invest after earning some money. It’s okay if you don’t have money at the money to invest, you are still left with a resource which you may have available in plenty, your valuable time.

3) Strength

Blogger starts working on weakness alone leaving their strengths unpolished. They realize quite late how they may have overcome their weakness with outsourcing or partnership.

4) Consistency

Keeping a watch on your blog and constantly improving is as important as taking a breath for living or you keep an eye on your wallet. Be, it reviewing security threats, Polishing and Updating Content, Watching traffic drop, Improving old non-performing articles, Sharing the post on different Social media websites, or Promoting your money-making content.

Even intermediate blogger doesn’t bother to be disciplined and consistent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why new websites take time to get ranked?

new websites are kept in the sandbox by search engine and time may depend upon niche and content quality and points mentioned in the article.

Do Site speed helps in getting Ranking?

industry leaders claim site speed is not a ranking factor but it increases your user experience which again leads to an increase in dwell time.

How to Increase Domain Dominance?

Domain Dominance increases with time, content updation frequency, and backlinks Quality. Buying expired domain with good quality backlink can give you initial thrust along with branding for better serps

Do Google rank Subdomains?

Yes, Googe does rank subdomains if there is no competition or content is extraordinary else it prefers custom domain over a subdomain.

Is it important to have a backlink to get ranked?

Not necessary but it do help in case of high keyword difficulty

Why should i focus on image SEO?

Google has a special tab for image search which also brings traffic and platform like Pinterest can fuel your SERPs.

Is it Important to Use Table of Content in the post?

TOC is not mandatory, but it does increase user experience. Experienced Bloggers prefer to make interlinking within the post and with other blog posts.

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