Transcribe Guide : Tips & Ideas

What is Transcription?

Transcription is textual or printed representation of audio file into document or text file.Transcription is one of the preferred modes of work from Home

How much you get paid?

Clients generally pay on a per-minute basis or pay per word. Payment rate depends upon the number of factors like your expertise, Client budget, no. of Persons involved in audio, Technical jargons, Client country

Pro Tip: Get sample audio from the Client before quoting the price.

Golden Tip 1: If you are a subject expert and knows more than one language your demand as a transcriptionist will increase which may help you with better earning.

Golden Tip 2: Audio files with poor quality sound and multiple or heavy accents is charged more than an average rate. Secret: You can improve audio quality with sound software like Audacity and soundflower

Golden Tip 3: Price of transcription increases with add-ons like timestamp, verbatim, Proof Reading, Translation, Format of file .pdf, .docx, etc.

What skills are required to be Good transcriber?

  • Strong Listener
  • Fast typing speeds
  • Patience
  • Determination
  • Attentive Mind

How can transcription helps your client?

Transcription makes content

  • Makes the content “Discoverable ” ultimately boosts search engine visibility,
  • Content accessible for the hearing impaired
  • Accessible to global community by accent-free and muti lingual

Pros & Cons of Being a Transcriber


  • Flexible Timing: the Best part of transcription is flexible timing, you will be your own boss & you will decide when to work and where to work.
  • Rates: after gaining some experience, you will have your own network of Private clients who won’t mind in giving your own set of rate
  • Knowledge Enhancement: As a transcriptionist, You will be listening to lots of audios on various topics which will help you in gaining knowledge in various fields, horns your vocabulary skills and develops your personality too.


  • Tedious and Boring Task: Listening to audio on a variety of topic might not be an interesting task for most.
  • Low payment and high competition: Since Transcriptionist doesn’t require very high skills and anyone can apply. Novice , quote dirt-cheap price causing high competition and low Pay.
  • Poor Professional Network: Since you don’t need to come to the office, the chances of meeting other transcriptionist is next to Nil in a routine job. But, You can always try Linkedin, Twitter, and Facebook to connect like-minded people.

Tools required to get started with transcription:

  • Internet Connection
  • Speakers or Headphone
  • Computer or Desktop
  • Noise controlled environment

Headphone should be light in weight and comfortable to wear for a long time. Headphone comes with numbers of features like noise cancellation, wireless, On-ear, Ear-bud, Over-ear. Choose headphone carefully according to your personal preference and must take a trial if possible.

Some people also use Headphone amplifier for more loudness and clarity. Again, Headphone amplifier is not something without which you can’t work but a personal preference.

Pro Tip:  Foot Pedal is highly recommended but not necessary to increase transcription speed and efficiency. It gives you extra control on audio file with features like Pause , Play, Fast forward and feet.

What is the best tool to automatically transcribe audio files?

Traditionally,  transcribing of audio was a manual and arduous process . to make the process of transcription fast automation tools comes in play. But, Everything comes with some pros and Cons.

No software or tool can transcribe audios to 100% accuracy. The accuracy of the tool keeps on decreasing with poor audio quality, accent, number of persons in audio, In our experiment with automated transcription tools we found paid tools are comparatively accurate and compatible with the most accent and agile to use.

There are various tools using which Transcription of Audio files are converted into text format can be done with ease. If you might have read our article on voice search you must be knowing Google is having one of the best and versatile algorithm to understand and take voice commands. So, Using google tool for such a task is not a bad idea.

Best Free Way to convert audio to text by using

Google Speech Recognition technology  via

  • YouTube
  • Google Docs

Via Free AI ASR online Tools

  • SpeechTexter
  • Voice Base
  • Speechlogger
  • Trint
  • Express Scribe

Via software

  • Dragon Naturally Speaking

Best Pro Tools to convert Audio to Text

Automatic speech recognization also known as software or tools are used for this task. Some of them are mentioned below

  • Sonix.Ai
  • Sermon
  • EureScribe
  • InqScribe

Golden Tip:
A combination of software Output along with people in back-end provides more accurate and fast.

Golden Tip: You may do reselling of other services under your own brand umbrella also known as artibrage trading.

Who are transcribe Clients?

Lots of amazing content is getting generated in audio and video formats. transcription is used by the number of YouTubers, podcasters, interviewers, students, doctors, advocates, Journalists, Bloggers, etc. for a variety of tasks like for example

  • lectures
  • Seminars
  • Interview
  • Podcast
  • Phone calls
  • Court Hearing
  • Conference
  • Group Discussion
  • Teleconference
  • Question answer session
  • Training session
  • Brainstorming session
  • Business presentation
  • Youtube / Vimeo Video Transcription
  • Medical Recordings
  • Board Meetings, Annual Meetings
  • Documentaries
  • Religious Sermons
  • Webinar
  • Dissertations
  • Radio show

Where to Get transcription Jobs?

You can get a transcription job on most

  • freelancing portals like Upwork, PeoplePerHour, etc.
  • Microtask sites like Fiverr, Craigslist, etc.
  • Transcription Specialist Sites like Gotranscipt, Castingwords, transcribeme, etc.

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