Ultimate Guide For Creating Backlinks like Pro for perfect SEO

Each time we talk about off-page SEO, one of the most asked questions that we found is building backlinks.
Backlinks play a vital role in helping your website to get ranked on the first page of google
Most of our viewers don’t know much about backlink strategy, backlink types, after reading inaccurate, outdated articles from spam website end up in getting their website scammed or suffer from negative SEO leading to poor ranking in Search Engine Results Page (SERP) than before. As a matter of fact, it’s not new under the sun. You might have been doing it before but we just want to add some spices to it so you can get better results.Things which need to be done other than OnPage Seo.

Have you ever wondered how a newly made website with poor content ranked better than your website? If yes then we are telling you this secret strategy of SEO which most of the Digital Marketer have heard but doesn’t know how to do it.

Why Build Backlink?
More links pointing to your site means better ranking in search results. But building links is not an easy task.
They give your site credibility and authority. But keep in mind backlinks works only if you have good content too.
remember “Content is King”.

The backlink is of two types classified according to crawling style

or which may further be classified according to linking
Inbound backlink
outbound backlink

Inbound backlinks are helpful for getting high page authority and help you in ranking but not as much as outbound backlinks. You need natural, relevant links that point to your site from other peoples blogs, guest posts or comments.

Before making backlinks following points need to be taken care which can make your blog or break your blog.
the backlink must be from the same niche as of you,
must be spam free for which you may verify by spam score checker if your site is already suffering from spam or malware you may get it removed from

#1. Use sites that have moved or are no longer active.
#5. Use the potential of your Google+ profile.
#4. Use directories.
submit to podcast directory

There are numbers of ways to make backlinks which are mentioned below
By finding an opportunity to make backlink with the help of google dork.
We highly recommend the following tools which can help you in this process
SEMrush—this gives you a backlink comparison report that shows the number of links to any website, the domains and the IPs that refer to the site. Also included are the number of dofollow and nofollow links. It uses a huge database of over 100 billion backlinks.
Buzzstream—This lets you find links that are new, dropped or changed. It also lets you check backlinks on a schedule, like every two weeks.
Majestic SEO—this gives you info on referring domains, top backlinks and backlink history.

Audit your site to see what others are linking to. Using this information, you can optimize the content that sees the most action in order to get even more links. The more time you spend developing content that is link-worthy, the easier you make it for others to want to link to you.

Ensure your website doesn’t have any broken or spammy link which will help you in maintaining your blog credibility in eyes of search engine.
The time and effort you spend on developing quality backlinks for your site will repay you many times over in the SERPs. Google and the other search engines rely on them to decide if your site is relevant enough and popular enough to recommend

Speak Your mind!
Do you still worry about how to make dofollow backlinks?
Please let us know whether it helped you or not.
Feel free to comment if you feel we missed out any points.

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