View Website HTML View Source in Mobile Browser

Is It Possible To View Page Source On Mobile Browser?

If you are spying on competitor’s websites using your mobile phone or are a developer. It might be tricky since most of the modern tools might not be working smoothly in a mobile browser and will be left with an option of analyzing by peeking page HTML View Source and using Google Search Operators.

As an alternate, you can either turn on the desktop version or use your developer coding skills for which URL View source pays a critical role.

Though, it is very much convenient to view the source code in a desktop browser simply hitting the <a name= “viewsourceshortcut”>short cut for viewing </a>HTML source code

Ctrl + U

This article outlines, how to view the HTML source code of a Web Page with different Mobile browsers.

In Mobile Firefox or Chrome browser, it’s tricky to view a Web page HTML Code View Source

You may follow different methods for that mentioned below,

Without Installing Additional Mobile Application

Method 1: Using View Source text

Simply put “view-source:” (without the quotes) at beginning of URL

  • Open target website in mobile Chrome
  • tap address bar
  • Add View-Source: without space at beginning of url

for viewing, Page view source for website say use

in the address bar of your Android or iPhone mobile Phone browser.

Method 2: using javaScript

  • Open the target website in a browser
  • Tap address Bar
  • Paste following JS code in an Address bar

javascript: alert(document.getElementsByTagName(‘html’)[0].innerHTML);

  • Hit Enter or Go button.

Note: View Source will open in Popup as plain text without formating.

Method 2: Using Online Website

You may use tools or websites made especially for the purpose of viewing souce code like


after Installing Additional Mobile Application

If you didn’t liked an idea of going through manual steps and installing more apps for the purpose

is the best solution for you.,

Method 1: Opera Mini Browser

  • Open the Opera Mini web browser.
  • Enter the URL of the target website
  • type server:source in the address bar and hit go

Method 1: VT View Source

VT View Source is a free mobile application that allows you to view HTML, CSS, JavaScript source codes.

It comes with interesting features like

  • Text Wrapping
  • Line numbering
  • User Agent Switching etc.

Let us know which method worked for you via the comment section.

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