10 Secrets Tips of Experts Practical YouTube Guide 2020

With the increasing speed of the internet, video promotion is spreading like a forest fire.
Due to the good portability of a mobile phone, people are watching even television on mobile instead of TV as in earlier days.
We have made a tutorial on youtube promotion where you will get to know about everything you need to improve Your YouTube Video Ranking, Optimization and potential and means of earning on Youtube

Youtube Channel Creation

Cover Image

Youtube Video Optimization

Title of the Video

The title of the video is the first thing viewer observes in a video. Make your title short multilingual. Try to include keywords in the title.
Create a title of the video by using an auto-complete feature of a search engine like youtube or Google.
Including Call to Action, words enhance curiosity in the viewer’s mind.

Description of the Video

The attractive thumbnail of Video

Closed Caption

What is Closed Caption?

How to Find YouTube Video Hidden Tags used by Competitor and Secretly Steal His Keyword Research?

You can find meta tags of your competitor youtube video by following ways

  • Chrome Extension
  • Online Websites
  • View Source

a)Chrome Extension – Install chrome extension mentioned below open the youtube video you will be able to see the YouTube Video Tags

  • Tubebuddy
  • Vidiq Visition Chrome Extension
  • Social Blade

b)Online Websites – numbers of websites are providing online tools to find tags of YouTube videos. some of them are listed below

For more brief competitor video analyzing and youtube SEO use RapidTags.

c)View Source – To find tags by seeing view source simply open your desired competitor youtube video hit ctrl +u, a new window of view source will open, head over it then hit Ctrl + F in chrome browser Find menu will pop up search keyword in it there you get the keyword treasure, tags used by your competitor

How to Generate Youtube Tags?

You may use websites like kparser, Tagsyoutube, betterwaytoweb, Keywordkeg or use youtube AutoComplete Feature

How many YouTube tags are allowed?

Youtube allows Tags of up to 400 characters. But, it is suggested to use only 5-8 tags only.

How to use a long-tail keyword as a tag on YouTube?

use tag without any space for instance, you want to use keyword Sam Corn Sandwich recipe .you simply need to put SamCornSandwichRecipe.

Youtube Video Promotion

Audience Engagement

if an audience is getting engaged to your video like commenting, Social sharing, liking or disliking, watching the videos, again and again, watching videos till the end, and watching your channel other videos then your videos are definitely going to rank high in a short time.

Tips for increasing Video Audience Engagement


Ask questions or opinions about a particular topic or doubts or queries in your video.
people will answer by commenting. With so much happening, the Youtube algorithm will get signal something is interesting in the video that’s why so many people are commenting and will help in ranking.


Always reply to each and every comment as soon as possible

#Highlight the good Comments

Highlighting Good comment by giving heart is the easiest way to earn a subscriber.


Encourage the viewers by giveaways like regular viewers will get our channel t-shirt or highest commenter
or random commenter will get a bumper gift or so.


Collaborate with other famous Youtuber / creator.
Their viewers will watch your channel with curiosity and if you have good content then definitely
your subscriber base will increase.

Multilingual Caption

End cards


Watch Time and audience retention

Watch Time and audience

Views from Social Media

Bonus Tip 1:

How to Create Multiple YouTube channels?

You can create multiple Youtube channels by Channel Switcher link under Youtube setting in the left-hand side by Clicking three parallel line Menu link under the additional setting.

Pro Tip 1: Have back of your youtube channel Videos in Dailymotion, Vimeo since they have fewer copyright issues and you can get earning for the same content from different Stream.

Tip for Youtube Video Ranking

if your video is ranking somewhere around 5th, 6th position in search and want to improve SERP then ask your friends to search the phrase in their device, click on first video watch for around 10-20 seconds hit back to do the same to second video and finally click on your video and watch the whole video and hit like and comment something good.

repeat the same from different devices, make sure the same Google accounts are not used else you might have no or bad effect on ranking.

Still, have more questions like
How to contact Youtube Team?
How to earn from Youtube?
Do YouTubers get paid for likes?
Who is the highest-paid Youtuber?

Let us know your Experience or Suggestion with us by leaving a quick comment below

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